Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Is Coming

    A premiere date has been set for Game of Thrones. April 17th cannot get here soon enough! The show is based on the fantasy series by George R R Martin and they are in my top 5 of favorite books of all time. I hadn't read much fantasy before these books and completely geeked out on them. Only 4 books in the series are out right now (I'm keeping faith that George will finish the series), each one close to the 1000 page mark, and I have read them all twice. I want to read them again. They are fantastic! I have become quite evangelical about these books and insist on anyone I know read them. If you start the first book soon you will be done in time for the show's premiere and you won't feel left out on what all the "important" people are talking about. So read them. Now. No excuses. 


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