Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Packages and Injuries

Look at what the lovely mail man brought me yesterday! I ordered the ordered the fabric from Hawthorne Threads. I highly recommend getting from them. They have a really great selection and quick. I got this fabric 2-3 days after ordering. I cannot wait to play with this fabric!

I also got my sticker books in from Moo. Squeee!!! I think I have mentioned it before, but Matt Lane Harris is the spectacular designer that made my logo. Isn't it grand? I might go a little crazy tagging anything that will sit still with these stickers.

Oh yea, in other last night's softball game I had my first real injury from playing. I dislocated my little finger.....wah! I was tagging a runner out at homeplate (my first out in league play!) with the ball in my hand (silly girl, should've had it in my glove) and she ran into me and my finger went Pop! Thankfully, two of my friends at the park work in the medical field and were able to put me right again. I do not have insurance and my first thought was "I can't afford this to happen"....oh the life of the self employed.....But I know awesome people and have an awesome team that made sure I was alright. Go Bearons! Sewing and cutting hair today should be interesting though. This thing hurts like hell.


lollipop said...

Hey sis! Love reading your blog and seeing all of your goodies! How was the movie?

Lisa said...

Thanks Les! Midnight in Paris was actually really good. Can't wait to see you this weekend!