Friday, July 15, 2011

Sorry for the lull in posts recently. I've been pouring a lot of my focus into cutting back on how much I smoke. The goal is to eventually quit....scary! But much needed. I am a heavy smoker. I was approaching over a pack and a half a day. That is no good! And expensive! Over the past two weeks I have dwindled it down to about 12 a day. I've mainly focused on keeping myself busy and keeping tally marks on how many I smoke a day. The tally marks really help me be aware of how much I smoke. I do feel like I've plateaued at the 12 mark though. Thinking about joining a gym and possibly getting some sort of cessation assistance i.e. patch, gum, lozenge, whatever. Wish me luck everybody. I am going to need it! Eek!

Tomorrow I will be back in the sewing room for some much needed bonding time with my fabric.
I leave you now with a few fuzzy pictures from my new phone. Two bags I've made this week (really shoddy quality on the pics, sorry)  and one sleeping kitty.

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