Tuesday, August 2, 2011

War Cry

Help! Look at these heaping pile of chaos! That is my sewing room, ladies and gentlemen...

This is after going through all of our art supplies and my fabric. After I weeded out the things we could get rid of and took them to the thrift store.....Now whenever I try to make sense of it all my head starts and I worry I'm on the road to being a hoarder. Thankfully this is the only room in my house that looks this way.
I will conquer this room. My belonging might have won the battle but I will win the war! If only have I had Tabitha-like powers and with a wiggle of my nose it would all be in place....until then I'll don my war paint and charge into the fray with milk crates and rubbermaid bins in hand. Watch out miscellaneous pretty things! I've got your number.

My first piece of heavy artillery:

I bought this yesterday at the thrift store. At first I thought it was a changing table. But oh, no! It's a craft table! With awesome drawers like this:

If you do not see or hear from me in the week or so, I have become lost in this room and may not be heard from again. Just in case, it was nice knowing you.


Jesse said...

That's an awesome craft table!

Lisa said...

I know, right! I did a little dance when I saw it. Very rare that I find exactly what I'm looking for my first go 'round at the thrift store.

danielle said...

What an amazing find! An organized craft and sewing space is a happy space.

Little Miss Drama Pants said...

Nice score!