Monday, January 10, 2011

Alabama Snow Fun

 I love it when it snows in Birmingham. It's the closest I get to that christmas morning excitement I had as a kid. Here are some shots of our midnight adventure from last night.

Waiting on the ice to defrost off the windows of Justin's truck.

Justin on the street in front of our house. Still waiting on the truck to defrost.

 That's me! Should have used a flashed.

1st Ave. N. It was awesome driving around town and being the only car on the road. Snowacolypse in action!

We ran into some folks we knew in Crestwood. That is where the fun really started. Here is Justin trying to rig up something to his truck that we could use as a sled.

Tire Sled!!!

And they're off!

My turn! My turn!


  We continued to drive around town but my camera wasn't cooperating for photos. If you are in the Birmingham area, you better be out there having fun!

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