Tuesday, March 8, 2011


   I made a couple of sets of coasters yesterday. When I've made coasters before I would sandwich them and make binding for them, almost like a teeny tiny quilt. For me, I found that to be a lot of hassle and it wouldn't quite look as neat as I wanted it to look. I like these a whole hell of a lot. Doing them this way is also wayyyy quicker. My stitches aren't perfect, but they'll do. These were so fun to make that I'm deeming this week Coaster Week! Hopefully by next Monday I will have a big ol' pile of them. 

I tested them out this morning with my cup of coffee. They work quite nicely I think. There are four to a set. I didn't include the one that was under my coffee in the group photo for some reason. Guess I wasn't fully awake yet :)


Julie said...

Lisa..these are as great to own as they are to look at. Beer cans like them too! Julie

Lisa said...

I'm so glad! I made sure to train them to adore beer as well as coffee :)