Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lisa says...

Softball season has started and the Bearons have been getting a moral beating from a local church. They're nice and all, but I think there is something inherently evil about a team that plays with an ex pro player in the D league.They might be better fielders and better hitters, but they don't come close to being better dressers!

                                                         I love our new shirts!  Go Bearons!
Screen printing by Jacob Middlebrooks

I've been taking a little break from sewing for the past week or so. In the mean time I've got a few orders piling up so I'll be back to it shortly. I've updated my Etsy page with a few things that I had left from the Ruffner show.Take a look over to the right for a link.

Most of these things aren't on Etsy yet, but they will be soon.

In less than two weeks I am flying out LA to visit some old friends. So excited! I don't plan on doing a whole lot while out there except relax and not think about work, bills, etc. Does anyone know of any good fabric/quilting shops out there? I wouldn't mind checking them out if I get the chance.

Does anyone order pillow forms, fabric, or batting at wholesale? If so, where? How does it work? It's getting a little pricey buying these things as needed from Hancock. Especially batting and pillow forms. Any help would be much appreciated.

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