Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting off the Whhaaambulance

I have been a very very bad blogger. I was never an exceptional one, but my almost two month abscence is ridiculous. I do apologize my lovelies. I will try not to do that again.

I'm not ready for a 'real' post yet. But just wanted to drop a little note to say I will be back. I went on vacation at the end of April which was incredible(more on that later)! But when I got back I went through a debilitating creative rut that I am now fighting tooth and nail to get out of. It's happening slowly, but I am finally able to see light at the end of the tunnel. I've missed feeling inspired and productive. It really taken a toll on my overall sense of well being. Feelings of 'what the hell am I doing?' to 'i suck.' to 'screw it. I don't care.' But I do care and don't suck too bad, at least not any more or less than the average schlub. The month of May is usually my favorite time of year, but I am glad to see this one go.

A quick list of what I've been up to (other than feelin' sorry) this past month:

 - I went California to visit some old high school friends for a week. It was a great time and those folks are still some of the best people around.

Robin, Me, Allan, and Steven (the dog). This was right after I had to lay down on trail we were hiking. Being a smoker makes hiking hard. 

         I'm horrible at taking photos. I hate that I didn't get pictures of Garrison and Vice. Murphy High School REPRESENT! I really enjoyed LA. Will definitely try and make it back soon. 

 - Softball is in full swing and I haven't injured myself yet (knock on wood). We are currently 4-3. Winning! We still have to play the evil mega church again so that record may not hold up. But right now, we have a winning season!

 - I made a Tshirt quilt for my sister's boyfriend out of Jimmy Buffet shirts.....yup, he's a parrot head.

 - I participated in my first Saturday at Pepper Place Market on Memorial Day Weekend. A couple of hours into the market I knocked over my board with wall hanging on it and ALL of the frames broke. I. Am. Awesome. Glass went everywhere and the Alabama pieces everyone wanted to buy were a loss.....ah well. But other than that it went well and met a lot of really nice folks.

- And on a sad note, my XBox broke. We're going to get it fixed but there is a void where there once was an awesome machine that provided me endless hours of entertainment i.e. Netflix Streaming and LA Noire. Now if you would all bow your heads for a moment of silence...XBox we love you.

Ok so I guess this did turn into a real post. Sorry for the lack of pictures. One of my many many goals this month is to take pictures obsessively for your viewing pleasure. I will be soon (I promise!).

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